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Champa Bay Sports is excited to announce the launch of our creative collaboration with local artists

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Champa Bay Sports (CBS) is committed to empowering every purpose-driven champion within the bay area. Tampa has become a world-class epicenter of champion industries from sports and healthcare to technology and philanthropy. Co-branded apparel collaborations, build-a-business workshops, networking events, philanthropic fundraisers and athletic sponsorships were just the start for this team! "When I founded Champa Bay Sports, the long-term vision was to aggregate all emerging and established industries by creating the most diverse impact board and strategic partner marketplace in Tampa's history. As a Tampa native and serial entrepreneur, I've seen the synergistic acceleration that occurs when purpose-driven leaders have a platform to thrive. I'm honored to do my part for the community by following in the footsteps of local entities such as Synapse, Tampa Bay Wave and Embarc Collective. I'm ecstatic to be spearheading this artistic accelerator to evolve traditional "street artists" into "executive creatives." My branding company, Deal Closer Digital, is creating their websites, photography, videography, business plans and press releases to maximize exposure," says Ben Sever.

The first two local artists in the Champa Bay Sports' artistic empowerment cohort are Chris "ROD" Aikens and Chris "Dr. Schollz" Scholl. They are two of around 100 emerging artist in the Tampa Bay Area who have the talent, ambition and unique style to accelerate the artistic ecosystem, while solidifying themselves and legitimate individual enterprises. "After working with Phoenix Portfolio Partners for 3 months, it is clear why Tampa has become the epicenter of inclusive entrepreneurial innovation. I've been introduced to 20+ subject matter experts, who authentically revamped my outlook on business. The available resources have changed the course of my career and almost overnight, my clientele, PR and understanding of the business landscape has instilled a confidence that has illuminated the next evolution of my inspiration," said Aikens. "After spending 4 years in the Navy, I settled on moving to Tampa due to the cohesive support for not just artistic integrity, but the entrepreneurial spirit as a whole," Chris Scholl.

Chris Scholl's style of art is best described at fine, modern and motivational while Chris Aiken's style of art is best described as rebellious, spiritual empowering. Both of these artists hope to inspire and attracts like-minded, ambitious creatives to the Tampa Bay Area. The goal of this continued collaboration is to transform the bay into a world-renowned art mecca.

Phoenix Portfolio Partners will be actively reviewing new applications July 1 for the next Cohort starting August 1st, which we hope to add 5 purpose-driven local artists in the area who align with the values of community, innovation, philanthropy, individualism, creativity and acceleration.

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